A dry fur-face is a
happy and healthy fur-face!™
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Pet Water Bottles by Lixit

A dry fur-face is a happy and healthy fur-face!™

When you purchase one of our products you get everything you need for that product, whether it is a water bottle and drip bowl and/or food bowls.  But should you want or need an extra bottle or a replacement bottle we can provide them.

Pet water bottles have been in use for over 40 years by various associations, organizations, dog and cat clubs and pet breeders.  Pet water bottles are a very smart way to provide constant clean healthy water to our pets, while keeping them, their environment and your floors dry.

For this reason the use of pet water bottles is the fastest growing trend among today’s individual pet owners because they eliminate the water mess and keep our pets and floors dry, especially our long hair dogs, cats, rabbits, etc. 

We use the pet water bottles manufactured by Lixit (that are *BPA FREE according to the Lixit website) with the largest diameter drinking tube created for dogs, cats and larger pets.  We feel that with the large diameter drinking tube your pet (and ours) gets the same amount of water (or more) than the pet would normally get from lapping up water from a water bowl.  The water goes directly into the pet’s mouth and is swallowed not splattered, splashed around, nor soaking the faces of long haired pets or leaving a water trail on the floor as the pet walks off.

* http://www.lixit.com/

Lixit Pet Water Bottle
Lixit Pet Water Bottle
With the Large Diameter Drinking Tube
BPA Free

With the Large Diameter Drinking Tube
BPA Free

Price: $11.99

Part Number: PWB-32
Price: $16.99

Part Number: PWB-64


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