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Warranty Policy

PAWS Creations believes that establishing the respect and trust of our customers, both current and future is essential to our continued success. We consider our products to be a piece of fine and unique furniture that you and your pet will enjoy and value for years to come.

Each piece is handmade and crafted in Burlington, North Carolina, USA.

PAWS Creations products are warranted against material and workmanship defects for a period of 3-months from date of purchase.

This warranty does not apply to damage due directly or indirectly from the misuse, improper use of, abuse, negligence, accidents, repairs and alterations including lack or failure of daily routine maintenance on the product to wipe off with a dry cloth or paper towel any/all water on the outside or inside of the products.

Water will damage any wood product. Three coats of varnish have been applied to our products but water over time will damage any wood product if not kept cleaned off.

  • 1st coat: Varnish is mixed with the paint and/or stain and applied to product.
  • 2nd coat: Product is then sanded smooth, then the graphics (Paw Prints or Paw Flowers) are applied (if required) and the second coat of varnish is then applied.
  • 3rd Coat: Product is then lightly sanded smooth again and the final and third coat of varnish is applied.

You must routinely wipe off your product with a dry cloth or paper towel to remove any/all water from your products to prevent mold or mildew and/or cracking of the wood or other water damage.

Place the drip bowl under the water bottle to catch any drips that may occur. Empty and clean the drip bowl as needed. Daily wipe the stand with a dry cloth to remove any water or food that may drop on the stands including under the drip bowl and/or under the rim to keep any/all water off the outside or inside of the products as it could damage your product. Our stands also have air holes in the base of the Modified Pet Adjustable Water Stands and on the Small Pet Gourmet stands to help prevent mold and mildew, another reason why the water must be kept wiped off.

This warranty does not apply to *products manufactured by another company.

All of our products are hand crafted and are *warranted against defects in materials used and our workmanship only. We use good cabinet grade plywood, both for its strength and durability. But, just like leather that will have scratches, scars or blemishes so does the wood that we use, adding character and uniqueness. This only enhances the look of the finished product.

All products manufactured by PAWS Creations are for Indoor Use Only.

See Returns

*Please see warranty provided by the water bottle manufacturer enclosed with your shipment.

Note: Please read and review all of our Policies for further information.

This is PAWS Creations sole written warranty. Any and all warranties that may be implied by law, including any merchantability or fitness, for any particular purpose are hereby limited to the duration of this warranty. We do not warrant or represent that the merchandise complies with the provisions of any law or acts unless the manufacturer so warrants. In no event shall PAWS Creations responsibility under this warranty exceed the purchase price paid for the product and you agree that any legal actions brought against PAWS Creations shall be tried in the state of North Carolina, County of Alamance. You also agree that only PAWS Creations has the right to change the "Choice of Location" for any and all legal actions. We shall in no event be liable for death/injuries/sickness to persons, pets or property, or for incidental, contingent, and special or consequential damages arising from the use, improper use, and lack or failure of daily maintenance to keep water off the products to prevent mold/mildew and/or cracking of the wood or other water damage or the misuse of our products. 



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