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Pictures & Labels Policy

Website Pictures

PICTURE DISCLAIMER:  We try to take pictures for our website that will portray our products truthfully.

A picture will either:

  • Portray the product as more than what it actually is or
  • It will not do justice to the product.

Please see our Customer Pictures & Feedback section for what others think of our products.

The Stain, Paint or Trim Colors shown in a picture on the Internet may be slightly different from the real color.

  • Painted is a warm off-white color
  • Stained is a light medium brown color

All of our pet furniture products are handcrafted.  Just like leather that will have scratches, scars or blemishes and enhances the look of the finished product so does the wood that we use.

The paint and/or stain are applied the old fashion way, by brush (versus thin layers sprayed on) so that it seeps into and penetrates the wood.  All graphics are applied by hand free style and no two products are ever alike.  The pictures throughout our website are a representation only and the graphics you order will look similar to the picture but since all our work is done by hand it will not be an exact duplicate.  Two final coats of varnish are also applied, again by brush, providing your product with superior protection.

During the finishing process some areas or slightly and naturally distressed from sanding for a smooth finish which enhances the product’s appearance by adding a look of gently aged character and uniqueness.

All products manufactured by PAWS Creations are for Indoor Use Only.

Products Labels

LABEL DISCLAIMER:  Not all the product labels or the actual placement of any or all of the labels that may be applied to our products are shown and/or visible in the pictures.  We reserve the right to add or delete labels and the actual location or placement of the labels on our products without notice.

These labels are applied to our products under the varnish.
They may be on the front, back, base or inside of the product.
These are NOT peel off labels.

Removal of any of these labels will damage the product and void any warranty that may apply.



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