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How to Measure ~ Small Pet Gourmet Stands


A stand basically just holds the water bottle but proper height adjustment of the water bottle is very important. For this reason the Small Pet Gourmet Stands from PAWS Creations are made in two pieces, the stand and the water bottle support unit. You have the ability to easily adjust the height of the water bottle on your stand either up or down to reach the most comfortable and beneficial drinking level for your pet.  This is a bonus for owners of immature pets as the drinking level can be adjusted up as the pet matures.

The size of the combined pet water bottle and elevated food dish stand for small pets is determined by the pet’s mature height at the withers.  The elevated food dish height is stationary on the Small Pet Gourmet Stands.

Important:  If you have mixed sized pets (such as a Munchkin cat and a Norwegian Forest cat or a Momma and her babies), then you will need more than one size SPGS as it is important that each pet’s water source be adjusted to his or her level to make certain they drink an adequate supply of water.

Please see:  What You Need to Know for more information.

How to measure for the Water Bottle

  • With your pet standing on all four feet measure from the floor up to the withers.
  • Then adjust the water bottle support unit so that the tip of the drinking tube is at or near that level.


Height Adjustment of the Water Bottle

There is no “exact rule” on where to position the water bottle, just some guidelines to go by.  It should be adjusted to where it is in the most comfortable and beneficial position for the pet to ensure that they drink an adequate supply of water.

Observe your pet as they drink.  Do they stretch or strain to reach the tube tip?  Do they twist their heads to the side in order to drink?  Do they look uncomfortable?  If so, then make the appropriate adjustment either up or down until the pet is comfortable.

But keep in mind the pet’s physical condition and its preference.  Is it a senior pet?  Is the pet handicapped?  Does the pet prefer to sit when drinking or eating?

IMPORTANT:  Before leaving your pet alone you must make sure your pet will use the water bottle and that the water bottle is working properly.

Stand Sizes and Height Ranges

Stand Height *Adjustable Range for Water Bottle Examples for Mature Pets
20-Inch 5 to 8-Inches If your pet measures 6-inches at the withers it would need the 20-inch stand.
25-Inch 6 ½ to 13-Inches If your pet measures 10-inches at the withers it would need the 25-inch stand.

*Adjustable range for water: From the floor to the tip of the drinking tube.


Should you have any questions or concerns over which stand is right for your pet please do not hesitate to Contact Us as we are here to help.

Note:  PAWS Creations cannot be held responsible should a young pet’s mature height exceed the height range of the product purchased.


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