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Links of Value for Cats

Before getting that new pet there are several decisions that must be made such as; what breed is right for you, your family and your lifestyle?  Also determining and finding a responsible breeder is not always easy.

We have provided a few links to articles and/or checklists for helping you make those important decisions and while PAWS Creations does not endorse or recommend specific breeders, we do offer several links to breeders.

Help Guide
A Trusted Non-Profit Resource

How to Choose the Right Cat as Your Perfect Pet


Choosing the Right Cat for Your Family

"There is no more important a decision than the decision to adopt and assume the responsibility for another life. That decision carries an obligation to nurture that life--to give it love--to care for it."


Maine Coon Breeders
Fanciers Association

Finding the Right Cat Breeder

A good summary on how to find a breeder is on the subject of Maine Coons, but the advice can be applicable to any breed.


Free Kibble for Cats


Can you help? Visit FreeKibbleKat.com and answer the Meow Trivia Question.  All you have to do is click on an answer to provide 10 pieces of free kibble to animal shelters to help feed the hungry cats and kittens.

MysticKatz Persians


MysticKatz Persians
Owner:  Lynn Hightower
Location:  North Carolina  USA

Levina Persians Cattery


Levina Persians Cattery
Owner:  Dolly Smith
Location:  Irvine, North of Ayrshire in Scotland

Chatterie du Petit Duc


Chatterie du Petit Duc
Owner:  Michèle Rea
Location:  Mougins, France

Blaze Star Cattery


Blaze Star Cattery
Owner:  Elaine Jordão
Location:  São Paulo, Brazil

...Since 2006

Filensio Ragdolls & RagaMuffins Cattery


Filensio Ragdolls and RagaMuffins Cattery
Owner:  Helen Shallows
Location:  Cornwall, United Kingdom

Co-Founder of the UKRMCS and UKRBS

Siberian Cattery Mystic Melody


Siberian Cattery Mystic Melody
Owner:  Judith Johnson
Location:  North Georgia  USA

CFA and TICA Registered

A story worth reading --> A Miracle Called "Chudo"
A story of heartbreak, determination and victory.

Shadowlawn Siberian Cattery


Shadowlawn Siberian Cattery
Owner: Lillian Narramore
Location: Roswell, Georgia USA

After reading the story above of “A Miracle Called Chudo” I think you will agree that the real miracle was Lillian as it was her determination not to give up on the babies.

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