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Training Your Pet ~ Tips & Tricks to Use

IMPORTANT:  Before leaving your pet alone with the water bottle you must make sure your pet will use it and that the water bottle is working properly.

Keep in mind the old saying:  You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink.

The same could be said for any animal.  Animals don’t normally drink unless they are thirsty, so do not be discouraged if your pet does not immediately drink from the water bottle.  The success of your pet using the water bottle is totally dependent upon your patience and training skills although some pets will start using it right away with little or no encouragement.

Always be positive and gentle with your pet when introducing something new.  We suggest introducing and training your pet to the water bottle during a time frame (usually two or more days) when you will be at home to watch and observe them to ensure your pet consumes an adequate amount of water and that they have become accustomed to using the water bottle.  Repeat the Tips and Tricks frequently during the training period to ensure that your pet has a positive feeling when using the water bottle.  You can also use the Tips and Tricks periodically after your pet is trained to reinforce the positive feelings your pet associates with the water bottle.


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See below to learn just how easy it is to teach your “best friend forever” how to drink from the best pet invention ever!

Water Bottle ~ Tips and Tricks

Before attempting to train your pet to the water bottle give the pet a chance to get familiar with the bottle on its terms.

Animals are very sensitive to smells so *wash and thoroughly rinse the bottle to remove any chemicals used in the manufacturing process and any other smells lingering on it.  Then rub the bottle on your arm or with your hands to transfer your smell to it.  Your scent will be a smell your pet is familiar and comfortable with already.

Put your stand in the same location or near where your pet’s current water supply is.  Leave the current water supply next to the stand or use it as the drip bowl (if it is not to tall) but only put a little water in the bowl.

Before filling the bottle with water, rub a little liverwurst, cheese, peanut butter or any of your pet’s favorite food around the outside near the tip of the drinking tube, being careful *not to get any food particles inside the tip.  (Also see Additional Cat Lover Tip below).

Present your pet with the bottle or just lay it on the floor and let them sniff it and get used to it, again on their terms.  They will smell the food and attempt to lick it off.  Using your fingertip, gently move the balls several times so your pet can become accustomed to hearing them.  Again rub a favorite food around the outside and present it to your pet, again letting them sniff it and try to lick the food off so they will get used to it.  Then fill the bottle with water and **insert it into the stand again rubbing a favorite food around the outside.

Gently let your pet know it is there and watch and monitor it to see how it responds.

Always be positive and gentle with your pet.  Please, do NOT try to force your pet to drink as this will only produce negative feelings and defeat your purpose.  At some of the animal shows I attend some pet owners grab their pet and push the pet’s face up to the drinking spout and tell it to drink.  This is wrong and stupid on the part of the pet owner.  Your pet must be given time to get familiar and feel comfortable with the new system.

Rub your pet’s favorite food on the drinking tube spout several times during the day and training period to encourage and ensure that your pet knows this is his/her new water source and to reinforce the positive feeling your pet associates with the water bottle.

Additional Cat Lover Tip: For cat owners, you may also try using catnip which many cats go nuts over.  Lightly rubbing some of this herb on the bottle and the base of the stand before adding water to the bottle may encourage and entice your cat to overcome any fears it may have about its new water source.

See http://www.catniptoys.com/nip_faq.htm for more interesting information about catnip and how to use this herb with and for your cat.

IMPORTANT:  Remember to always keep a close watch on the water level to make sure your pet is drinking and consuming the liquid they need.  Refill the bottle with fresh water as needed or each day.

*Please read our FAQ section for more information on pet water bottles.

** Please see How to Measure and What You Need to Know.

Food Bowl ~ Tips and Tricks

Some pets are very sensitive to odors so make sure that you wash your pet’s new food bowl to remove any manufacturing chemicals or other odors it may have on it.

Then using the same guidelines of using your pet’s favorite foods should do the trick.  You can rub the favorite food on the inside of the bowl before adding your pet’s regular food or mix some of the favorite with the regular pet food.

Tips for Pets That Eat too Fast

For those pets that tend to gulp their food down rather than eat it there are several things you can do to slow them down.  Two of my dogs tend to inhale their food, Sugar one of my Shih Tzus and Tali a Chow mix.  I choose to add several non-edible items to their food bowls that are appropriate for each dog’s size such as the Bounzer Balls and/or the Classic Kong rubber toys made by Kong (http://www.kongcompany.com/worlds_best.html).  (Note:  I don’t add so many toys that it becomes frustrating for them to eat, just enough to slow them down).

These toys come in several sizes and I use ones that are big enough that no way could they accidentally swallow or choke on it while eating. I also choose odd shaped Kongs, never round; as this makes it even more unlikely they could choke on it and the toys always have more than one hole in it or no holes.   PLEASE READ the URGENT WARNING below.

My dogs have to push these toys around and out of the way trying to find the food which makes them eat their food slower and I believe aids in the digestion of their food.  I also put some of the food inside these toys so that they have to work to get the food out again slowing down the eating of their food.  They are made of rubber and clean easily.

A word of URGENT WARNING:  In case you have not heard about the pimple ball manufactured by Four Paws please Google it or click on this link:  http://www.consumeraffairs.com/news04/2008/09/pet_food_recalls101.html

.  If you have this ball don’t just throw it away, DESTROY IT so no other animal can be hurt and please warn others about it.  Because of the construction of this toy ball (it only has one hole in it), a dog biting down on it can have its tongue sucked into the ball and cannot get it out.  This has led to tongue amputation.


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