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Pet Size & Personality

I want your experience with PAWS Creations and our pet water bottle stands to be a positive one.  I had rather you know what I have learned to make your purchase decision with, than to purchase a water bottle stand and be unhappy with it.  With that in mind I wanted to share with you this information.

Every pet has his or her own loveable personality, just like us!  It’s the same with how they will drink from the water bottle.

I have provided a drip bowl with our water bottle products because of the how the water bottle works.  For more information please see our FAQ’s section and What You Need to Know.

I currently have five dogs and use three different size water stands and each dog has their own drinking style.  My four smallest dogs (9 to 11-inches at the withers - Sugar, Macek, Patti and Booboo) use the 25-inch PAWS (Pet Adjustable Water Stand™ Patented).  Sugar, Patti and Booboo are very neat and tidy drinkers and keep their heads steady as they lick the drinking tube tip.  But Macek drinks in a kind of jerking motion which causes a few drops of water to drip.  Nothing major and those drops fall into the drip bowl.

*Serena is my biggest dog (22-inch at the withers), weighing in at 84 (sometimes plus) pounds and she uses a 35-inch PAWS.  She holds her head steady to drink but her mouth overfills and some of the water dribbles out of the side of her mouth.  I replaced her small drip bowl with a larger size bowl and that took care of the problem.  Sometimes as she walks away from her PAWS some water will drop but again nothing major, just a few drops.  I have placed small decorative rugs under each of my pet’s water stands so they have something soft to stand on as they drink so those drops never reach the floor.  They fall on the rug and evaporate.

Wondering why Serena’s mouth overfilled, I contacted the water bottle manufacturers.

They stated “they only recommend the use of the water bottles for pets up to 80 pounds”, a fact I did not realize when I invented our pet water bottle stands and made Serena’s stand.

They also stated; “That with larger pets it’s usually messy and also the delivery of the water through the drinking tube takes longer and could become tiresome for them when they drink which could mean they don’t get enough water”.

Lastly they stated; “Whether to use a water bottle depends on the consumer and their preferences”.

So as a consumer myself, I use the water bottle stand with my large pet and it works for her and for me with the use of a larger drip bowl.  Although Serena is a big dog she is also a low-energy, calm dog and if I felt that she was not consuming enough water I would not use the pet water bottle stand with her as her health and well being will always come first with me, (as would any pet either yours or mine, hence this letter).

Betsie / PAWS Creations


*About Serena:  Serena is just as her name implies a serene, gentle and kind dog.  She lived a life of terrible abuse and neglect before she was rescued by the no-kill animal shelter (Friends of Strays) that literally struggled minute by minute to save her life.  When I adopted her she was deeply afraid to love or trust anyone and it took me weeks of daily physical contact (gently body massages) and reassuring words of love spoken quietly to overcome her fears.  Today she is a well-adjusted friendly (though still a bit cautious) dog who is always ready for a game of fetch or to have her belly or back rubbed.  She will also drive you crazy asking to be brushed.  Anytime she sees the doggie brush or comb she will sit at my feet, tail wagging, gazing up at me with her whiskey colored eyes begging to be groomed.  Bath day is just as bad as she thinks that is the best day ever.



Picture 03B ~ Pet Size & Personality

Serena & Booboo ~ Best Buddies




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