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Customer Feedback

Year 2013

PAWS Creations welcomes your feedback and pictures.

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From:   Shannon
To:  PAWS Creations
Sent:  Sunday, January 6, 2013 2:11AM
Subject:  Re:  PAWS Creations # 12-1129 Shipping Info

Hello Betsie,

The water stand arrived in New Zealand on New Year’s Eve undamaged thanks to your careful packaging as the box was a little squashed. Lucky me, my daughter Melissa brought the stand for my Christmas present (I am so spoilt). I picked the water stand up from Auckland yesterday which is an hour and a half away from Thames where we live. The water stand is perfect, and so well made I love the paws prints the black and white match my black and white dogs.

I was concerned that my dogs would not use the water stand so I followed your online instructions, thus to slowly introduce the stand without forcing the dogs to drink. I washed the bottle and rubbed it with a little cream cheese as this is all I had ( both dogs licked the CC off the bottle). Then I placed the bottle full of water on the stand with another smear of CC on the spout. Both Po and Jess on the first day licked the CC off the spout and in turn activated the water ball and had a little drink. On the 2nd day while Po and Jess were watching I used my finger to get the water flow going and offered my wet finger for Po and Jess to lick. Once the dogs had licked I then pushed the ball up showing Po and Jess that this is where I got the water from. This strategy worked a treat and both Po and Jess are now drinking from the water stand more than their water dish. I must say I am surprised at how fast both dogs took to the water bottle considering they have never used one before. I do hope I can stop some of the staining on their faces through keeping them dry I don’t know how other peoples dogs have stain free faces (there must be a trick to this).

The water stand is so well made it will last a life time and it looks wonderful in my kitchen.  Ohh I love how you have signed Betsie on the front it looks carefree and adds a touch of personality. My next purchase will be the toy box to match, I can’t wait.

PS… I have attached some photos of Po a boy of 1yr -Po is the smaller dog and is Shih Tzu X Pekinese, Bichon, Jess is a little bigger she is 2yrs and is Shih Tzu X Bichon.

Oh I did wash my hands after the dogs had licked them lol.

Regards Shannon

From:   Stan & Sandy
To:  PAWS Creations
Sent:  Monday, January 14,  2013 8:39PM
Subject:  Re:  PAWS Creations # 12-1136 Shipping Info


They love their new toy box.  Love the black and white!!

Great job.

Stan & Sandy

From:   Barbara Suiter
To:  PAWS Creations
Sent:  Friday, Jan. 24, 2013  6:21 PM
Subject:  HI Betsie

Hi, Betsie,

So glad to hear from you! Your beautiful water stand is still just as pretty as the day it arrived many years ago!

Our sweet little guy Casey passed away from the liver disease 2 years ago, we still miss him. Sophie, his cousin, is well and happy and the little princess around here. Not too different than any other Shih Tzu that has a loving home!

Best of everything to you, hope we can chat again sometime.


Barbara Suiter
Wasilla, Alaska

From:   Sudee Jacquot
To:  PAWS Creations
Sent:  Friday, Feb. 9, 2013  1:55 PM
Subject:  Re:  PAWS Creations # 13-1014 Shipping Info

Hi, Betsie,

Hatchi and Tache who is being coaxed with peanut butter to use the water bottle also.


Breed:  Polish Lowland Sheepdogs

From:   Samira Martins
To:  PAWS Creations
Sent:  March 13, 2013  8:41 PM
Subject:  Re:  THANK YOU!

Hi, Betsie,

The water stand arrived and the puppies and I loved it!! Thank you so much for sharing your creativity with us.

Please find attached pictures of Sage and Hakurei with the new arrival.

Best regards,

Samira Martins
Cambridge, MA


From:   Mary Ingersoll
To:  PAWS Creations
Sent:  April 3, 2013  9:01 AM
Subject:  Re:  PAWS Creations # 13-1040 Shipping Info

Hi, Betsie,

I received my stand this morning and I love it!!!!!!!!!! ……….. Thank you very much.


From:   Ann Stinson
To:  PAWS Creations
Sent:  April 4, 2013  4:28 PM
Subject:  Re:  Thank You

Hi, Betsie,

Thank you so much for your call, You are so kind. I am sending your website to my sister, my daughters, and to friends with dogs that may be interested in this product. Hopefully I can generate some business for you (probably from Alabama or Georgia). I will also get your website to my breeder in California.

Again, thank you. It was totally my pleasure to talk with you!

Ann Stinson

From:  Joyce Roberts
To:  PAWS Creations
Sent:  April 9, 2013  10:30 AM
Subject:  Re:  PAWS Creations # 13-1042 Shipping Info


Water bottle just arrived it is the most unique piece of work I have ever seen. I am so impressed with the quality and outstanding detail.
Thank you so much ….. Will send more pictures and remarks to Facebook soon.


Abby Laine

From:   Ann&Terry
To:  PAWS Creations
Sent:  April 14,2013  10:15 AM
Subject:  Re:  PAWS Creations # 13-1043 Shipping Info

Oh, Betsie! We got our feeding station last week, and I am so thrilled with it! It is even more precious than I had imagined! We have it all set up and waiting for our baby in the laundry room. And, speaking of our new baby, we did find our puppy! She will join our family next week on the 22nd. Her name is Lucy, and I will send you a picture following this e-mail. She is beautiful, and we can't wait to get her!

My husband says there is only one improvement that he can think of for your feeding station. That would be for you to paint the dog's name on it, if you have it! Wouldn't that be so cute? We had the family here last weekend, and I showed off your product to them. They all had a fit! I will tell all my friends about it, too, and hopefully generate some business for you. Everyone just loves it!

Thank you for your kindness. I have loved getting to know you!


Ann (Lucy's new mom)


From:   Ann Stinson
To:  PAWS Creations
Sent:  Thursday, May 02, 2013  11:20PM
Subject:  Lucy

Dear Betsie,

Thought I would send you a pic of our baby Lucy and her feeding station! She absolutely loves it! Wasn't used to the water bottle, but adjusted to it very quickly! Thanks so much for a precious and practical station for our darling puppy!!

It was a pleasure talking with you. I wish you all the best in your future endeavors!

Ann Stinson

From:   Gary Polmanter
To:  PAWS Creations
Sent:  Tuesday, June 18, 2013  4:01 PM
Subject:  Re:  PAWS Creations # 13-1068 Shipping Info

PAWS Creations...

O’boy my water tower came today! We have two Shih Tzu's and first one took 30 seconds to discover how to work it. Second one about 45 minutes.

Never again will we have to wipe their mustaches off after every drink from a bowl...it’s a miracle!

I might add a very nice looking watering station also. It's very well made with attention to detail that I easily notice, being a wood worker from years ago.

To say we are very pleased is an understatement!!

Gary Polmanter

From:   Michelle Duvall
To:  PAWS Creations
Sent:  Tuesday, June 25, 2013  9:30 AM
Subject:  Re:  PAWS Creations # 13-1073 Shipping Info

Good Morning Betsie
Thanks for the quick response!  My dog’s 2nd year birthday is this Wed the 26th and I was hoping to receive it by then but I'm sure it won't matter to her...LOL!!! So no worries.
I love your "little" idea!!!!  I wish I had thought of it myself :)  Before I even saw your website I searched every local pet store for such a product.  I thought I was going to have to resort to hanging a water bottle from the ceiling with a thumb tack...LMBO. 

I went into a smaller store and asked them for a "free standing water bottle holder for dogs" and he looked at me like I'd asked him for his first born.  He said that he's never seen one but it was a great idea....so I can assure you that you're being modest with your "little" idea!!

Your products are beautiful and perfect for dogs with short snouts such as mine (Shih Tzu---Cookie).
Thanks again for the response.  I look forward to receiving my purchase and I'll be sure to send a photo of Cookie and the stand!!!
Take care!

Michelle J. Duvall

From:   Alyssa
To:  PAWS Creations
Sent:  Wednesday, July 03, 2013  6:27 PM
Subject:  Little Zoey

Love your products …. Zoey is a Shih Tzu and will have long hair soon …. this is going to work great!



From:   Carroll Ryals
To:  PAWS Creations
Sent:  Tuesday, July 16, 2013  2:58 PM
Subject:  Feedback
Dear Betsie,   
Our Gabbi arrived to our home at 6 weeks old.  I could not wait for her to use her new water dispenser. However, I felt that she would be at least 3 months old before she would be able to use it, even though I had lowered it to the last slot.

Astonishingly, to our delight, she was independently using it by only 7 weeks old! Training was a breeze!  After only one day of practice (gently holding her chin and directing her just a few times), I was able to take up her water dish completely. She loves it! So do we. It is a convenient addition to raising our new Shih Tzu that has already won our hearts! Thank you for being so personable and providing such a delightful and fun shopping experience.

Carroll Ryals and 'Gabbi'


From:   Haydie
To:  PAWS Creations
Sent:  Friday, July 19, 2013 10:18 PM
Subject:  PAWS Creations Order # 13-1079 Shipping Info

Hi Betsie,

Love Love Love the water stand, it is gorgeous!  Armani loves it as well.  I have enclosed two pictures. I took a video but as you will see (second email) it is sideways and I tried to correct it but my machine is not co-operating it keeps locking up.  Not sure if you can flip it or not but thought I would share anyway.



From:   Joan Briel
To:  PAWS Creations
Sent:  Tuesday, July 30, 2013  9:29 PM
Subject:  MPAWS Stand

Hi! I ordered the 25 inch MPAWS water bottle stand today in the cream with black trim and black paws for my shih tzu Coco....I think this is such a great and creative idea!! Looking forward to receiving it!
Joan Briel and  Coco

Sent from my iPad=

From:   Joan Briel
To:  PAWS Creations
Sent:  Thursday, August 8, 2013  4:41 PM
Subject:  PAWS Creations Order # 13-1091 Shipping Info

I just received the water stand! I love it and better yet Coco loves it, she took to it right away! I think I might order another water bottle to keep on hand...Thanks so much! So glad I found out about your stands!

Joan Briel

From:   Jeanne Venditti
To:  PAWS Creations
Sent:  Monday, August 26, 2013  1:36 AM
Subject:  PAWS Creations Order # 13-1097 Shipping Info


The water stand arrived last week—we love it!  Great quality!  The fact that I could adjust the bottle to just the right height for my two Shih-Tzus made us all happy.

Thanks so much,


From:   Karen Truran
To:  PAWS Creations
Sent:  Monday, September 09, 2013  4:39 PM
Subject:  PAWS Creations Order # 13-1095 Shipping Info

Hi Betsie
Just wanted to let you know the stand arrived this morning and it is absolutely beautiful. It is everything I hoped for and so much more, we all love it!!!!!

Though mother nature is making us wait for our chosen mummy to come into season still it is really great preparing.

I of course will do my bit in the United Kingdom to promote you and whizzing onto Facebook etc. Once our little bundle arrives I will be forwarding those adorable baby pics.

Kind Regards

From:   Deb Duffy
To:  PAWS Creations
Sent:  Monday, September 09, 2013  4:41 PM
Subject:  PAWS Creations Order # 13-1111 Shipping Info

Hi Betsie,

We received the Water Stand and Buffett loves it!  I wish I had heard about your stand years ago, it would have saved lots of carpet cleaning bills.  LOL!!  

Now, Buffett's beard stays dry.

The quality of the stand is first rate.

Thank you so very much.
The Duffeys

From:   Jessica
To:  PAWS Creations
Sent:  Monday, September 16, 2013  7:32 PM
Subject:  Pictures from Jessica

Hi Betsie,

I am sending pictures of the family using the water stands! They love them … as do I !

Thank you for your beautifully painted stands and toy box!!

Penelope (the Shih tzu) likes to crawl in the toy box and drag out her toys! It’s so cute to watch!!!

Love and enjoying them!



From:   Karen Doane
To:  PAWS Creations
Sent:  Tuesday, October 01, 2013 9:36 AM
Subject:  Re:  PAWS Creations # 13-1109 Shipping Info

I am writing to let you know how pleased I am with my purchase of the water bottle stand!.  My Shih Tzu, Kasey took to it after a day and I used adhesive letters to apply her name! The stands are so well made and look very attractive. So thank you again for your product---I could not find anything similar here in any pet supply store. I will definitely recommend your product!

Karen Doane

From:   Rita Barberousse
To:  PAWS Creations
Sent:  Thursday, October 03, 2013 6:36 PM
Subject:  Pet stand


Just a quick note to say that the pet water stand came yesterday and we set it up last night...
We just love it!

Our puppy CC got the hang of it right away, our Pom Be Be took till this morning but both are using
it all the time.  I can hear the clicking and know they are using it. 

I wanted to thank you for such a lovely piece I can proudly display.  I will send you a photo later but wanted
to get a note off right away to thank you.

Rita & Larry Barberousse and also our girls=

From:   Maryann Crissman
To:  PAWS Creations
Sent:  Friday, October 04, 2013  8:18 AM
Subject:  Fiona loves her stand!

Hello Betsie,

We received our stand from you and our Fiona just loves it! She was trained to drink from a bottle when we got her so that part was easy. Her favorite part, as you can see, is to steal the water bowl and run away with it!

Thank again for such a great product!

Maryann Crissman
Sent from my iPhone

From:   Dave & Vicki
To:  PAWS Creations
Sent:  Friday, October 4, 2013  3:51 PM
Subject:  Re: PAWS Creations Order # 13-1123 Shipping Info


I wanted to let you know that we received the feeder a couple of days ago and are absolutely thrilled with it. Thank you for putting so much care and quality into your product, it will last as long as we have our doggie!

You and your husband have a great product. I will definitely recommend you to others.

Vicki Zurkowski

To:  PAWS Creations

I had saved the picture but then deleted the email in error and now I cannot ID who sent this to me but wanted all to see this beautiful, sweet Yorkie…. Betsie / PAWS Creations

From:   Laura
To:  PAWS Creations
Sent:  Tuesday, October 15, 2013  8:41PM
Subject:  Re:  PAWS Creations Order # 13-1130 Shipping Info

Betsie , 

I just wanted to let you know the drinking station arrived in good condition! I still need to read your directions and get the water bottle washed up but it looks very nice and very well made. I'll keep you posted on how she likes it but so far I'm pleased!
Have a good evening.


From:   Laura
To:  PAWS Creations
Sent:  Tuesday, October 15, 2013  10:34PM
Subject:  PAWS Creations Order # 13-1130 Shipping Info

Violette loves it! She figured it out right away! We've got a winner! 


From:   Marcela Best
To:  PAWS Creations
Sent:  Thursday, October 17, 2013  1:59PM
Subject:  Re:  PAWS Creations Order # 13-1134 Shipping Info


I just got my PAWS!!!!!! I am so super excited!

Esther first looked at it then dug right in, no more wet mustache!

I have to say that I am very impressed with the design. You have achieved not just beauty and functionality but also without compromising quality.

Thank you so much for this product. 

Marcela Best
Breeder of Multigenerational Australian Labradoodle
BestLand Australian Labradoodles

Year 2013


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