A dry fur-face is a
happy and healthy fur-face!™
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About Us ~ Our History

Who I Am
What We Believe
PAWS Creations ~ Owner and Inventor:
Betsie Rakoczy

Location:  Burlington, North Carolina ~ U.S.A.

We are a small family business, and we firmly
believe in the Golden Rule and that all creatures deserve
to be treated kindly & humanely (except for fleas & ticks).

My Previous Pet Family


DOB: Nov. 7, 1995

Now playing with other doggie angels.

March 2011


DOB: Nov. 9, 1995

Now playing with other doggie angels.

October 2011


DOB: Unknown

Now playing with other doggie angels.

April 2010


DOB: Unknown

Now playing with other doggie angels.

Feb 2011


DOB: Unknown

Still hanging in there ... See below.


DOB: Unknown

Now playing with other doggie angels.

August 2011

My Current Pet Family


Date of Birth:
Approximately Jan. 2005

Rescued from the street June 16, 2006


Date of Birth:
Approximately Jan. 2010

Adopted October 2012

Baby Girl

Date of Birth:
Approximately March 2012

Adopted June 2012


Date of Birth:
Approximately April 2012

Adopted June 2012


Date of Birth:
Approximately April 2012

Adopted June 2012


Date of Birth:
Approximately 2010

Adopted January 2013


Date of Birth:
Approximately 2003

Adopted January 2013

Gabby Girl

Date of Birth:
Approximately 2013

Found in my yard October 2013, hungry and unloved.


Date of Birth:
Approximately Jan. 1, 2014

Found him Jan. 31, 2014, outside in the snow, crying his heart out.

No More

I've adopted my last furbaby.

Now, hopefully, I will outlive the ones I have so they won't have to find other forever homes.

Well, maybe
two more.


Date of Birth:
February 8, 2007

Adopted October 25, 2014


Date of Birth:
November 4, 2008

Adopted October 25, 2014

You cannot buy "unconditional love"...

and only a fur-baby can give it to you.

The End

Update to Our Story

As you can see from the photos above five of our previous pets have crossed over and now have their angel wings.  It was heart-wrenching to lose so many so close together and I said that was it for me…no more pets.  But just like the rest of you out there who are reading this, there is just something in us, a need we have to have animals in our lives and when there are so many of them that desperately need and want someone to love them how can you said no.  I couldn’t….well it took me awhile but one day my car just turned into my local pet shelter’s parking lot.

The kitten’s we adopted (in May of 2012) from the shelter have been a learning experience and such a joy to watch grow.  No counter top (or anything on it) is safe now that they have grown up some and everything is fair game as a toy.  Each day brings a laugh or two and many smiles over their antics.  I do keep a spray bottle of watered down white vinegar (about 1 teaspoon of vinegar to 16 ounces of water) at each outside door and at the kitchen stove and each time they come near it I spray them.  The vinegar will not hurt them other than to make their eyes and nose sting.  They now associate the outside doors and stove area with that spray bottle and keep away or run from it. I’ve also used this vinegar solution on my doggies as I do not want them darting out the door.

Charlie is a Chihuahua we were bam-bozzled with on October 2, 2012.  The previous owner said he was up-to-date on all of his shots but he had a nervous or excited cough.  After having Charlie two hours I knew that was not true so *Goggled for more information and then went to see my vet the next day.  Sure enough Charlie has major, MAJOR heart problems.  He is on 4 heart medications now and although his future does not look bright at least he is now with someone who will care for him and love him…… and certainly not lie about his medical condition or to be so stupid as to not know the difference between a regular cough and a cough that needs a vet’s medical attention and help.


Our Story

I’ve had dogs and cats for most of my life and just used old bowls from the kitchen to provide them with water. At one time I had five Shih Tzus Tasha and her four babies) and Ginger the cat. They have passed on but still live on in my heart and memories as do all my previous pets.

When I invented the Pet Adjustable Water Stand™ I only had three dogs, Sugar and Macek (two more Shih Tzus) and Tali a puppy I found in my yard late one November evening several years ago.

Three more have been added to our family since then. Serena, a severely abused dog that I adopted from a no-kill animal shelter, Patti, a Papillion mix I found very close to a six lane road and lastly Booboo a Pomeranian mix my husband found.

Just like you probably do, I was changing the water in their water bowls several times a day as the water would get dirty, cloudy and nasty looking. My Macek (finicky little rug-rat that he is) wouldn’t even drink unless fresh “clean” water was put down right in front of his face! Also, I was constantly mopping the water off the floor (sound familiar?) and drying off the wet faces and ears of my Shih Tzus. I also learned that shorthaired dogs (Tali) were just as messy dripping water all over the floor when using a water bowl. And this doesn’t include the times that I sloshed the water as I walked or someone (or some dog) tipping the water bowls over! The water on the floor also posed a danger for injuries from slipping and falling down. I have firsthand experience on that issue!

Well in an attempt to house break Sugar & Macek I purchased cages and the pet water bottles that attach to them. To my surprise I noticed that I didn’t have to dry off their faces and ears, even though I still had the water bowl on the floor. The Shih-Tzus would go to the cages and drink from the water bottles completely ignoring the water bowl. Then I noticed Tali in the cage drinking from the water bottle one day. That got me to thinking so I had a stand made that would support the water bottle. I put it in the kitchen and it worked perfectly! I had another stand made getting even more creative with that one.

WOW, I thought! What a time saver these are and I had peace of mind knowing that my pet’s water supply was always clean. Ok, so truthfully I was really thrilled because I didn’t have to change and clean the dirty water bowls fifty times a day or spend all day mopping up the water trails my dogs left after drinking and drying off their wet faces and ears.

Then I got to thinking (again), if the water stands worked so great for my pets and me, then others would benefit from them also. I pictured pets all over dancing for joy and doing high paws because they always had clean water to drink. I saw pet owners grinning and laughing because they (you) didn’t have to spend all day cleaning, changing, or mopping up water. I pictured everyone Ohooing and Ahhhing and saying, “Oh, what a great idea” and “These are so pretty". Well ok, so I have a great imagination, but hey – it is a GREAT idea, they are pretty and they are unique and creative and much to my surprise, people really do say that at the pet shows I attend as a vendor! They even tell me I’m a genius ~ can you imagine that!

Our Products

When I made the decision to manufacture and sell my inventions it was important to me what PAWS Creations™ would stand for. I have given my stands a lot of thought and have redesigned them several times in my desire to bring to you a quality made, easy to use and affordable product. We are a small company and we make our stands ourselves, everything is done by our hands not mass produced somewhere else.

We create a product that is practical, needed by pet owners and absolutely charming just for you and your pet, a product that you will be proud to own and tell your friends and family about.

  • Each piece is individually made in Burlington, North Carolina, U.S.A. with attention to quality, strength, durability and creative appearance. 
  • A stand basically just holds the water bottle and/or food bowl but proper height adjustment of the water bottle and food bowl is important. For this reason our stands are made in two pieces, the stand and the water or food support units. This gives you the ability to easily adjust the height of the water bottle and/or food bowl on your stand either up or down to reach the most comfortable and healthy position for your pet to eat or drink. Adjustability is an added benefit for pet owners with immature pets as the level can be adjusted up as your pet matures. Please see What You Need to Know and How to Measure for more information.
  • The stands are currently available in several sizes, models and types that will fit a wide range of pets because they are all height adjustable.
  • Special hanger bolt screws and wing nut fasteners are used so height adjustments can be made quickly and easily with no tools required to do so..
  • The pet water bottles are high quality, BPA free and have the large diameter drinking tube so more water is released to your pet.  
  • The food bowls are stainless steel and dishwasher safe and are the best choice for food products.
  • Non-skid rubber feet are attached to the base of all of our products to prevent movement.
  • Lastly, PAWS Creations™ believes that “Pets Give Us Unconditional Love and Leave Their Paw Prints on Our Hearts”. Our goal is to create and design products that will enhance and improve their lives and the lives of their “human companions”.
  • Note:  All products made by PAWS Creations™ are for indoor use only.

Note:  The Pet Adjustable Water Stands™ (all models) and Small Pet Gourmet Stands™ are Patented.


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