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Pet Water Bottle Stands

Finally! The solution to the water mess our pets make when drinking from a bowl of water. You now have an attractive, convenient and hassle free way to provide your pet with clean water all day without the water mess to clean up using our pet water bottle stands PLUS the stand will adjust to the height of your pet now and adjust in height as your pet grows should you need it.

Our pet water bottle stands are not a one-size-will-fit-all and it is the height of the pet not the weight that is important. We created the What You Need to Know page that explains how your pet and the water bottle stands should work together so that you can make a decision based on knowledge that will provide the most benefit and comfort for your pet. Our FAQ page also provides a lot of valuable information for you.

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Pet Adjustable Water Stands™
Pet Adjustable Water Stands™
with Modified Base
Small Pet Gourmet Stands™
with Single Food Bowl
Small Pet Gourmet Stands™
with Dual Food Bowls

Small Pet Dinettes™
Lixit Pet Water Bottles
with Large Diameter Drinking Tube
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32-Ounce       64-Ounce

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What Do Today's Pet Owners Want and Need?

  • QUALITY ~ you want value for your money and a product that is soundly crafted.
  • STYLE ~ pet furniture that is creative, unique and attractive so that you will enjoy using and looking at it for years to come.
  • CHOICES ~ so you can pick a style that fits your life and a size that fits your pet.
  • ADJUSTABILITY ~ a stand that can grow from youth to maturity with your pet if needed.
  • CONVENIENCE ~ an easy and simple way to provide clean healthy water for your pet all day.
  • EASE OF USE ~ you want a product that makes your life easier not more complicated so there are no cords, clamps, filters or pumps to hassle with.
  • And you really want THE WATER MESS GONE !.!.!

No other company offers you the choices that PAWS Creations does, the style and quality you deserve or the size that your pet needs now with the bonus that they are adjustable for growth if required.

Everything you need is included with your order; the water bottle, drip bowl and/or food dish depending upon the product you choose.

No assembly or tools required. Just take it out of the box; wash the bottle, drip bowl and/or food dish, adjust the height for your pet and it's ready to use.


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